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All-Belle Natural Lash


What’s so special about All-Belle False Eyelashes?

All Belle Eyelashes are ANTIBACTERIAL False Eyelashes, thanks to Gamma Ray Sterilization procedures by All Belle Cosmetics. All-Belle Eyelashes features the unique anti-bacterial material Oxy-fibre strand, as base, that is ultra-soft, making the application easy, and would feel as if you’re not wearing false lashes at all. The lash hairs are made of virgin synthetic fibre without any component of recycled or added materials, all for hygiene purposes. 

The quality of All-Belle lashes are stable, and coloring is consistent. 
All Belle ensures you sterilized, safe, and anti-bacterial false eyelashes, because the eyes are one of the most delicate, precious, and functional features of our face that helps us see the world.

Only the best for our eyes! All-Belle Lashes emphasizes our lashes with extra length and curl, naturally showing the perfect lash – with a perfect C curve shape! All All-Belle Lashes are SGS certified, and GAMMA Ray sterilized.

All-Belle is a well-loved brand by the beauty and showbiz industry in Taiwan, being endorsed by Kevin, one of the most popular makeup artists in Taiwan, and being featured in various TV shows, including Nui Ren Wo Zuei Ta. ( Girl, I’m The Greatest ) Take your pick in our dazzling selection of All Belle False Eyelashes, and achieve that beautiful eye makeup with beautiful lashes!


Sophie's Note About All-Belle Lashes :

I LOVE All-Belle lashes because the lash strand can naturally fit on the curves of my lashline! Some lashes are so hard to place on our lashlines because they're so flat, and this one has this natural C curve that makes it so easy to apply, and fall in place quite easily, shedding off so much effort from the user's part. Another remarklable thing about these lashes are they are feel SO LIGHT! My eyes get easily tired from any weight imposed on them, and there are some false eyelashes that just give me a headache and just are too heavy on my eyes. This one is a revelation, as I spent an entire day walking around post-photoshoot, and I didn't even notice they were still on my eyes! They were light as feather. I highly recommend this! Try it and see what I mean! :)