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Charm Pretty in Pink 14-Pc Vegan Makeup Brush Set

Charm Essentials

Charm Essentials makeup brushes are made from a special, and superior grade of animal-friendly,vegan hair. Our makeup brushes ensure you a luxurious experience while applying makeup with our brushes that feel like silk on the skin. Create an endless array of beautifl looks with your Charm Essentials makeup brushes! We're your ally in beauty, thru and thru!

Presenting, the 14-pc Pretty in Pink Vegan Brush Set! These are full-handled makeup brushes that are really, really soft, and luxurious on the skin, and the bristles are firm enough and brushes, dense enough to pick up the right amount of product and ensure efficient and flawless makeup application!

The Charm Essentials Pretty in Pink Vegan 14-pc Makeup Brush Set includes the following makeup brushes :

* Powder Brush
* Blush/ Contour Brush
* Foundation Brush
* Big Eyeshadow / Concealer Brush
* Small Eyeshadow / Precise Concealer Brush
* Crease Blending Brush
* Pencil Point Smudger Brush
* Classic Blending Brush
* Shading Brush
* Angled Eyeshadow Brush
* Angled Eyeliner Brush
* Pointed Eyeliner Brush
* Brow Spoolie
* Precise Lip Brush with Cover