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Soffia Beauty Makeup Brushes

Soffia makeup brushes, with its rare, world-class Lush Opulence bristles will give you the treat of a lifetime - lush, luxurious velvet-like bristles that glide on your skin, resulting in a beautiful, flawless finish. 
Soffia makeup brushes are made with expert craftsmanship, and designed to function with expert precision for that perfect makeup look that we all aspire for!
A short Incite from the Maker of SOFFIA MAKEUP BRUSHES
I've been a makeup brush lover all my life, and it's just funny where life took me - just doing what I love and having makeup brushes as my first ever business. :) I would always remember nitpicking on a makeup brush for its density, its pick-up and its bristle quality, and here I am presenting to you, Soffia Beautymakeup brushes. These brushes are the most luxurious brushes! Try to sweep it on your face and you will know what I'm saying! :) Yep, I named it after me. I feel that this is my best, best offering that I have put my name into it. :)
Takeaway notes from Sophie :

* Most of the brushes here are made from the softest, most luxurious grade of synthetic hair - you won't find it anywhere else! :) It's quite rare and is inspired by the Japanese squirrel. The brushes are made with Japanese techniques and standards.

* our liquid foundation brushes are the easiest brushes to use, and yet give you the most flawless coverage! 

* The biggest face brush is a dream to have - it feels so good on the skin, and creates really soft-focus, flawless effect on anything it applies! :)

* The Soft Focus brush is VERY VERY special - made from top grade goat hair ( that rivals an international brand for 1/10 of the price ), it applies blush just like you blush! I'm totally smitten with this brush!