Beauty and Minerals

Charm Retractable Powder Brush

Charm Essentials

The Charm Essentials Retractable Powder Brush is your go-to brush if you want something compact, and something versatile. It can apply your pressed powder, your mineral powder, blush, and even loose powder. Its circumference is smaller than the Charm Retractable Kabuki, which lets you work on your features, one small area at a time. For density, this is surely dense and will help you get the coverage that you want!

Sophie's Notes : 

I am absolutely proud of the quality of the vegan bristles that we have come up with for the Charm Essentials line. Not only does it very impressive in terms of product pick-up ( you will never have to worry about that! ), the finish that you get from this special grade, Charm-exclusive bristles is very, very even, and flawless!

From my rigorious road-test of this brush, I was able to discover that this brush can deliver really, really flawless results, specially when I apply powder foundation on my face! You do not see any trace of powder being applied on your face, as your face just gets looking more flawless with every smooth buff of this brush! :) Smitten! :D