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Charm Travel PRO Sonia Makeup Brush Set

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Charm Travel Pro SONIA Makeup Brush Set In celebration of Charm’s fifth year, Sonia’s brushes’ come in golden ferrules which triumphs the five successful years that the brand has been in the market. “Charm Brushes are more than just tools -- to me and my clients, it’s an accessory that we just don’t leave home without. Kind of like its name, charm,” Sophie says with a smile. Charm Travel Pro, for the first time, is available in a limited edition design, in luxurious gold ferrules, sleek black handles, housed in animal print for that timeless, elegant take in fashion. Luxury. Elegance. Fashion statement. What more can you ask for ? Travel with Sonia Unlike many travel sets, the Charm Travel Pro Sonia deviates from the usual short, thin, miniscule sizes that as any makeup enthusiast would know, does not really help in makeup application.