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Palgantong Theatrical Powder (10g)


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With over 5,000,000 units sold in Japan, this loose powder is a big favorite among Korean movie stars with the flawless finish it gives the face, when worn on top of foundation/makeup! It is also called the "Star Powder" in Japan and Korea 


Key Ingredient - Ceramin 

The key ingredient of Palgantong Theatrical Powder is Ceramin from UK, in which the particles are half the size of other particles commonly used for loose powders.

It reflects light, evens out the texture and skin tone, and still makes your makeup look natural and effortless.

Truly a wonder product! 


New Packaging! As showcased in the latest Japan Drug Show, Palgantong had a major revamp in their packaging, and you get to have their latest "Design Renewal" packaging! Before, the Palgantong Theatrical Powder's packaging was only like a pot of mineral makeup.

Now, they have revamped it into a loose powder in compact form, with the really useful mirror! I deem this really, really helpful specially for people on the go!


 Shade Suggestion : As the Theatrical Powders are lightly tinted, here are some shade suggestions for you :

 Light Beige is for fair to fairly light skin tones Original Beige is for light skin tones

 Beige Ochre is for medium to darker skin tones. 


Sophie's Note : I was introduced to Palgantong two years ago by seeing it in a friend's makeup kit. The effect was just amazing on her as was on me - I would apply my liquid foundation sometimes, even with such patchy skin, and not be satisfied with my complexion even with makeup. Upon applying this, the finish is definitely better - more soft focus, and my face more flawless. Ever since, I would always bring this with me for touchups, and use this to set my liquid foundations/BB cream application for that polished, flawless finish! Try it, and see the difference!