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3S Pre-Glued False Eyelashes

3S Pre-glued Lashes

Do you find it such a hassle to put on false eyelashes that you still need to bring a tube of eyelash adhesive with you? Well, defining and making your eyes look more wide-opened and beautiful has never been this easy, as we now have pre-glued false eyelashes! 

All our pre-glued eyelash products are made with latex-free adhesive strand and 100% sterilized human hair or synthetic fiber are carefully handmade by our artisans according to the diversity of our style designs. 

These can be used over and over again, as the adhesive strip attached to the eyelash can be removed if the adhesive does not seem to stick anymore on perhaps the 3rd use. You can replace it with the extra adhesive strip inside the pack, and you're good to go! 

Once the adhesive strips don't work anymore, feel free to remove them and use regular glue. These lashes are very durable and they can last you a long, long time!


1. Pull off the lash from stand.
2. Trim it to size, if longer than your eyelid.
3. Apply the lash closely to your eyelid starting 3-5 mm apart from inner corner of your eyeline. Press gently across the lash holding at the ends for a few seconds.